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What is benasource consulting services

Benasource Consulting services has been created to make the process of Opening and Buying a Pharmacy a seamless process.
We provide the framework for you so you can relax and know that your Pharmacy is in good hands
Our experienced team will hold your hand every step of the way and ensure a smooth transition to becoming an owner of your Pharmacy.

start your journey today!!!

Your success starts with the first step to ownership


Taking the right steps in the beginning ensures you are well on your way to opening your Pharmacy


Our Consultants will prepare, plan, and execute a strategy to ensure all the essential steps to opening a Pharmacy are met


what's next??

There are so many elements to opening a pharmacy that it can be hard to navigate what to do ?Common steps are listed below:

Pharmacy Location

Construction / Pharmacy buildout


Financing/ Loans


Setting up Wholesalers and Insurances



We can assist in all types of pharmacy ownership

Pharmacy Start ups

We can assist you in finding the right locations, we can provide many sites to you so you can make an informed decision

We can ensure a fair rental rate and in some cases help review your Lease

We will help you with building out your Pharmacy by working with our vendor to build the pharmacy of your choice and one that is in your budget

Licensing, Insurance, wholesaler contracts and setting you up with our PSAO

Pharmacy Start ups

We will help you find qualified sellers and in some cases help negotiate the final deal !

We always recommend using an attorney to finalize the documents for a sale, however we can assist in making sure all the correct procedures are in place

We will notify DEA of your decision to acquire a pharmacy and follow all federal guidelines

Once closing is done our consultants will get to the work to transition your licensing and documents over to the New ownership

We will hold your hand from the Initial Concept all the way to the finish line

Here is a quick summary of all the steps we can assist with, we are here to help you in your journey to ownership.

Upon receipt of financial approval and closing date the Board of Pharmacy and DEA will be notified of the pending sale.

We will assist information of Corporation and fictitious name if needed

We will file for Federal Tax ID number if needed on behalf of the owner

The Board of Pharmacy application will be completed

The changes to the NPI and NCPDP will be updated

A New Board of Pharmacy and DEA will be applied for the new owner.

Any assistance required for General, Professional and Workers Compensation.

Any assistance required for General, Professional and Workers Compensation.

Insurance will be provided to the owner

Assistance for new sign age will be provided

We will help owner with change over of utilities and accounts if necessary

Benasource GPO will on board you with Insurances, PSAO and additional independent contracts